We’ll Mow as it Grows

Lawn maintenance in Newburgh, IN

When you don’t have time to cut your lawn, you can trust the team at Rich’s Lawnscape to mow and maintain it. Whether it’s a one-time cut for your residential property or you need year-round care for the landscaping at your business, Rich’s Lawnscape offers full lawn service and maintenance packages to meet your needs. We won’t just mow the lawn, we’ll also:

  • Pull weeds
  • Edge sidewalks and curbs
  • Edge around driveways

Call 812-431-6486 today to get quality lawn service at your Newburgh, IN home.

We do more than cut grass

Hiring a professional to take care of your lawn is about more than mowing. The crew at Rich’s Lawnscape can keep an eye on the health of your grass. We know when to add fertilizer or weed preventers, if your lawn needs aeration or if thinning areas are leading to erosion. Discover how Rich’s Lawnscape can keep your lawn looking healthy by contacting us today.