Core Strengthening

Aeration can build a healthier lawn in Newburgh, IN

When soil becomes compacted, the lawn struggles to take in oxygen, water and nutrients needed to grow properly. A well-aerated lawn, on the other hand, gives fresh seeds a better chance to absorb nutrients and allows your grass to develop stronger roots.

Different types of soil require more or less aeration throughout the year. Contact the lawn care pros at Rich’s Lawnscape to develop a plan to keep your lawn looking beautiful in Newburgh, IN.

How to know when you should aerate

There are various signs to help you decide whether your residential or commercial lawn needs aeration. An easy assessment is to stick a screwdriver or pen into the ground. Compacted soil will make this difficult to do. If the roots of your grass don’t extend more than 1-2 inches, you should also consider aerating. Other signs you need to aerate include:

  • Water puddles on your lawn
  • A thick layer of thatch
  • Thin, patchy or bare spots

In addition to aerating, Rich’s Lawnscape can seed your lawn in the fall to keep your grass healthy each spring. Call 812-431-6486 to start getting your lawn back into shape.